Technician/Pre-Engineering Institute

Regional employment in high tech has grown more than 20% in recent years, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Preparing students for a high tech career is necessary to meet future employment demands in the region. 

In 2017, Texas A&M University and Austin Community College created the Texas A&M Chevron Engineering Academy in response to this anticipated growth. In addition, Samsung and Applied Materials launched apprentice programs that allow students to gain valuable industry experience while taking classes at ACC.

Four students, three young men and one young woman, pore over a laptop and a remote-control toy vehicle in an engineering class.
Students in the one-year Technician/Pre-Engineering Institute at ACC get a foundation in engineering and electronics concepts.

What is the Technician/Pre-Engineering (TPE) Institute?

The Technician/Pre-Engineering (TPE) Institute prepares you for a career as an electronic technician and/or and engineer. Upon completing the one-year program, you can choose to continue coursework to complete an associate degree or apply to the Texas A&M Chevron Engineering Academy. Students who meet the requirements may apply to the Samsung or Applied Materials apprenticeship programs. 

The TPE Institute is offered at Round Rock and Riverside campuses. The program features a cohort style learning community with a blocked schedule of classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays) each semester: No more wondering about whether classes will be available or how you will get from one campus to another. Other benefits include:

  • A focus on high-demand skills in electronics, automation, and control technology
  • A streamlined path to calculus (the biggest hurdle to starting an engineering degree)
  • Individual attention from faculty mentors
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your ability to handle a full-time technical course load, acquire unique engineering technology skills, and prepare for the rigorous math requirements of a four-year engineering degree
  • Potential employment as an apprentice once you complete the sequence
  • A competitive advantage in applying for the Texas A&M Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC
  • Completion of an Electronics Technician Specialization Level 1 certificate


Fall semester EDUC 1300 Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success
  CETT 1403 DC Circuits
  MATH 1314/1414 College Algebra OR College Algebra for Pre-calculus
 Spring semester CETT 1405 AC Circuits
CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals
ELMT 2441 OR
MATH 2412
Electromechanical Systems OR Pre-Calculus
TPE Institute students follow a defined path over two semesters.

Enrollment Steps

Complete these steps to enroll in the TPE Institute. Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to an ACC institute.

  1. Complete the ACC application.
  2. Complete the online Engineering Technology Institute Interest Form.
  3. Receive notification of your acceptance.
  4. Register for classes with Institute assistance.
  5. Meet with your advisor at least once a month to review progress.

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