Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Power Your Creativity with Digital Media Arts

Whether your creative calling involves design, communication, performance, or production, ACC’s digital media arts programs help you bring your ideas to brilliant life. You’ll learn to create 3D motion graphics that wow, movies that inspire, and performances that electrify. 

With classes taught by career professionals, ACC’s Arts, Digital Media & Communications area of study offers cutting-edge technology, creative collaborations, and student showcases to prepare you for a career in the digital arts.

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    Earn a digital arts & media certificate, major in radio television and film, or get a motion graphics degree, depending on your college and career goals. Video game development certifications prepare you for the job market; associate degrees help you transfer to a four-year college. ACC’s Arts, Digital Media & Communications programs sets you up for an exciting career in the creative arts.

    An ACC student works on a 3D computer model during class.

    Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics

    Discover the art of video game design using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. 

    ACC students record and edit music inside of ACC Highland's student recording studio.


    Learn performance, composition, and music theory; perform with your classmates at campus spotlight events; and earn credits that transfer to a conservatory or school of music.

    An ACC student works with broadcasting equipment inside of ACC Highland's studios.

    Radio, Television & Film

    Learn camera, lighting, audio, and more, and participate in student showcases. 

    ACC Students practice a choreographed dance routine inside of ACC's dance studios.

    Dance and Drama.

    Performance is everything. Hone your dance and acting skills and take part in student-led productions.

    Make Art at ACC

    An ACC Visomm student receives one on one instruction during class

    Find your voice at ACC.

    Choose from certificate and associate degree programs, and pick up credits that transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Start your creative digital arts journey today.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    ACC’s Arts, Digital Media & Communications programs are housed primarily at ACC’s newest campus at ACC Highland. You work in state-of-the-art facilities with advanced studios, theater halls, and more. At ACC, you work with professional and award-winning faculty and staff using equipment and technology that look and feel like what you’ll experience in the field after graduation.

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