ACC Online Classes

Course Schedules

Austin Community College offers fully online degree and certificate programs. Find course schedules for ACC online classes below. New semester schedules are posted as they are available. Please note that class schedules may change.

Contact your program advisor with any questions about the schedule and visit ACC Online for program information.

The enrollment and registration process is the same for Distance Education and on-campus courses.

Distance Education Classes

ACC offers different types of Distance Education classes to fit students’ needs and support their success. These courses may include a DIL code, for “Distance Learning.” This means some instruction is online. Other codes for Distance Education classes are:

  • Online – ONL
    Instruction and testing are fully online without required class times.
  • Synchronous Virtual Class Meetings Required – DLS
    Instruction is fully online with required online meetings on listed days and times.
  • Hybrid Distance – HYD
    Instruction is 51% or more online with some on-campus meetings. An ACC ID is required when on campus.

Combined Online/In-person Classes

The following options combine in-person and online instruction.

  • In-Person/Face-to-Face – F2F
    Instruction is in-person with students attending class meetings. F2F options include lectures, labs, practicums, clinicals, etc.
  • Hybrid Classroom – HYC
    Instruction is 50% or more on campus with the remaining instruction online. An ACC ID card is required when on campus.
  • Hyflex – FLX
    Instruction is offered on-campus, with students having the flexibility to attend virtually on any given class day.

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