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An ACC student poses in his firefighter's coat at the ACC Firefighters Academy training center.

Change Lives, Starting with Your Own

Austin Community College Public & Social Services area of study offers career paths for students ready to make a difference serving their communities.

Explore fire science or criminal justice and become a firefighter or peace officer in ACC’s academies.

Discover American Sign Language or begin studies in social work and human services, and get certifications to start a career or transfer to a four-year university.

If you are looking for a career with purpose, ACC’s public & social services degree and certificate programs are the place to start.

Programs in this Area of Study

Continuing Education

Visit ACC Continuing Education’s Public & Social Services programs and courses here.

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    Public & Social Services

    ACC Fire Academy students practice skills during a live fire exercise.

    Fire Protection and Fire Training Academy

    Begin your public service training in ACC’s Public & Social Services fire protection or peace officer programs. You’ll earn an associate degree with general education courses and fire safety instruction. ACC’s Fire Training Academy provides rigorous training in firefighting, and is the first step in becoming a certified firefighter.

    ACC’s criminal justice and peace officer academy training prepare students for a career in law enforcement.

    Criminal Justice and Peace Officer Training

    Earn an associate degree in criminal justice and learn skills such as investigations and emergency response. Earn certifications to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year university for a bachelor’s in criminal justice.

    Students can also earn their peace officer certifications and move into a career law enforcement.

    View of food distribution through ACC and local food pantries.

    Human Services

    ACC’s Human Services area of study offers training and education in addiction counseling and social services. Students gain the education needed to provide services for the most needy in society. Coursework includes theory as well as practical applications, and students gain experience through internships.

    ACC’s ASL Training program enables students to earn their ASL translation certifications or transfer to a university such as Gallaudet to gain a bachelor’s degree.

    American Sign Language

    Learn to speak another language. ACC’s American Sign Language (ASL) program teaches students to translate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Earn certificates or a transfer degree.

    A land based robot drone is operated remotely during a training session at ACC's Public Safety Training Center.

    Public Safety Training Center

    Located at Hays Campus, ACC’s public safety training facility provides hands-on training for firefighters, law enforcement, and paramedics. It features a 7,000-square-foot tactical room, 50-yard tactical shooting range, 19-acre emergency vehicle operator course, and specially designed training rooms for different first responders.

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