Women in IT

Women in IT

Are you a woman seeking a career in the high-demand field of Information Technology? Women in IT (WIT) was developed with your success in mind. Our goal is to help women achieve success in both short-term and long-term goals despite unique challenges they may encounter. A dedicated student support specialist is available to direct you to college resources, support services, and act as your academic coach.

Woman facing camera while sitting at computer keyboard in ACC computer lab.


Earn an associate degree or certificate in one of the many IT career paths offered at ACC. You will also benefit from ongoing departmental advising, internship opportunities, and career placement assistance.

Enrollment Steps

Complete the following steps to enroll in the Women in IT Program. Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to Women in IT.

  1. Complete the ACC admissions process.
  2. Submit the WIT Intake Questionnaire. (ACCeID required)
  3. Meet with a WIT advisor.
  4. Register for classes.

Learn More

Visit the Women in Technology webpage for more details about the WIT program.

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