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Information Technology Institute

It’s no secret: Opportunities in Central Texas for those with tech skills are booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of information technology jobs is expected to grow 12 percent during the next decade, faster than average. ACC’s Information Technology Institute offers you a defined course plan that makes it simple to quickly obtain the required skills to secure these well-paying jobs.

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What is the Information Technology Institute?

The Information Technology Institute is a community learning environment designed to prepare students to enter the workforce with the high-demand skills the industry requires. You will progress alongside other students with the same interests and goals while receiving individual guidance from expert faculty mentors.

Full-time Course Load

The Information Technology Institute offers a computer networking certificate (27-30 credit hours) as a three-semester program offering a path to graduation and employment. Students enroll in four 8-week classes per semester (fall and spring) to learn state-of-the-art networking technology.

In the summer, you’ll take a final course combined with an opportunity to obtain an internship with one of more than 400 industry partners.

Block Scheduling

All Information Technology Institute courses are at Riverside Campus. Classes are block-scheduled, meaning they are grouped and offered together from about noon to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Course Sequence

Fall semester COSC 1301 Introduction to Computing
  ITNW 1325 Fundamentals of Networking Technology
  COSC 1336 Programming Fundamentals
  ITSC 1325 Personal Computer Hardware
 Spring semester ITSC 1307 Unix Operating Systems
ITNW 2321 Networking with TCP/IP
ITNW 1354 Windows Servers
INTW 2312 Routers
 Summer semester ITSY 1300 Fundamentals of Security
IITSC 2264 Internship

Internships to Build Real-world Knowledge

An internship is an excellent way to bridge the gap between coursework and a career. Valuable work experience with seasoned IT professionals teaches you the ropes of the field and looks great on a resume. Ninety percent of students taking ITSC 2264 are placed in internships. Obtaining an internship at the end of a one-year certificate can result in a full-time job offer.

Speakers Series

Students learn about emerging tech trends and issues through classroom visits by speakers from the IT industry.

Learn More

To learn more about the Institute, sign up for regularly scheduled information sessions. Find a schedule on the Information Technology Institute webpage. Sessions cover information about the networking industry, including required job skills, job outlook, and salary. Representatives are on hand to answer questions about registration and financial aid.

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