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A female student with safety goggles and wearing a green T shirt, punches buttons on a machine control system.

Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering: Degree of the Future

The modern factory relies on sophisticated computer technology to run operations. Nowadays, factory technicians need specialized skills to operate equipment effectively. As a result, experienced factory workers with a bachelor of manufacturing engineering degree are in high demand. Many manufacturing employees already have an associate degree. Now they can turn that degree into a bachelor of applied technology and take on more responsibility and earn higher wages.  Continue reading

a young male student wearing a red hoodie looks intently into a computer monitor.

Software Developer Job Skills

When it comes to software developer job skills, coding is just one area of expertise. Successful software developers need to understand general programming language concepts and structure, database architecture, and network infrastructure. Continue reading

A student nurse wearing teal scrubs and a yellow stethoscope reviews a textbook in the simulation center.

What Is the NCLEX?

Before graduate nurses can practice, they must pass the NCLEX licensure exam. That’s why it’s important for aspiring nurses to choose a nursing program with high passing rates, so they can make sure they are getting the best education possible for their time and money. Continue reading

8 Week Classes

Rev Up Your Degree with 8-Week College Courses

8-week college classes cover the same material as in a traditional 16-week class, but in half the time. Students earn college credit for these classes, and they remain eligible for financial aid if they take a full course load — two classes in the first half of the semester, and two classes in the second 8 weeks. Continue reading

A successful nurse in a white coat with a stethoscope has a proud smile as she celebrates her hard work.

What Is an RN?

RNs are responsible for all aspects of patient care, from giving medication and performing diagnostic tests to educating patients and their families on their illnesses and treatments. Continue reading

A row of network servers lit with the blue glow of power lights. Cybersecurity specialists protect networks from malware, trojans, denial of service (DoS), and other attacks.

What Does a Cybersecurity Specialist Do?

Cybersecurity specialists analyze networks, investigate security breaches, and design secure systems to prevent attacks. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, as attacks become more brazen and the stakes go ever higher. Continue reading

Two students wearing facemasks, one clear plastic, the other a surgical mask, and wearing protective plastic robes and gloves prepare to draw blood in phlebotomy class.

What Healthcare Career Is Right for Me?

If you’re exploring career paths, you might ask, “what healthcare career is right for me?” A general studies in pre-health sciences program is a great place to start.  Continue reading

A veteran accompanied by his service dog receives his diploma from Austin Community College

For Veterans: A Guide to College Success

What do veterans need to successfully transition into the college and degree plan of their choice? Soldiers who plan to go to college should look at transferable skills and identify their interests. Continue reading

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